Core en Tijdrit: Breaking the World Hour record…

Of Victor Campenaerts het werelduurrecord breekt weten we pas later.. Hij toont ons dat details echt wel het verschil kunnen maken:

📌A TT requires such a specific position. It’s important to be able to hold that ideal position while sitting as stable as possible. Back and shoulders are his main Focus…

💡 Victor has these 5 tips:

1. Know your weaknesses. Do you have a sore back from sitting on your chair all day long? Perhaps that part needs exercises.

2. Pay attention while doing your exercises. Executing the exercises correctly is key.

3. It’s not a race. Don’t start comparing. Start at your own pace and push yourself every week, but don’t exaggerate.

4. Hang in there! Core stability can be boring. You see a lot of cyclists doing core between November and January but try to find riders who still are doing these exercises in August! I can count those riders on 2 hands.

5. Don’t train for 2 hours! You’re doing specific exercises on particular muscles; workouts of 45 minutes are sufficient.

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